How I grow & take care of my eyelashes & brows

Hey Everyone! I love sharing my tips and tricks with family and friends. One thing that I get a lot of compliments on is my eyelashes. The thing is, people seem to just assume that I naturally have long eyelashes, but the truth is that I was always pretty bad about taking care of my lashes.
It wasn't until a few years ago that I realized I'm way too rough with my eyes and lashes. I use to rub my eyes pretty hard to get my eye makeup off. After washing my face, I would wipe my face dry with a towel. I would continue rubbing my eye makeup off that didn't get washed off onto the towel.  It was all bad but I just thought that I wasn't born with long lashes. Little did I realize, I was contributing to breaking my lashes, having less lashes, and also ageing my eyes in the process.

Thankfully I remembered someone once told me that castor oil makes hair grow.  It was something that stuck with me for years, but I didn't apply it (no pun intended) until I got a little older and started becoming more aware of my bad habits with my lashes. So here are a few simple things that I do to take better care of my lashes and how I apply castor oil to make my eyelashes and eyebrows grow.


-Use a eye makeup remover to gently take off your eye makeup before you wash your face.  You can also use some type of oil such as coconut oil.  Just don't get the oil into your eyes, that's not fun. :(

-While washing your face be gentle with your eyes. DON'T RUB THEM!

-After washing your face, pat your skin dry. Do the same with the eye area. Be light and gentle with this delicate area.

-I only apply the castor oil before going to sleep or on a day off. Here's what I do. It's simple...

Applying castor oil:

-All you need is Cold Pressed Castor Oil and a spoolie/mascara wand (optional)

-Take a small amount of Castor Oil onto your finger and apply it to the spoolie.

-Next apply the Castor Oil onto your top and bottom lashes, like you would do with mascara.

-Then I like to just take a little bit of Castor Oil onto my finger and run it across my lash line.

-If you don't have a spoolie, just use your finger. I totally do it when I'm being lazy.


I remember when I was a teenager, I went up to my mom and asked her if I could pluck my eyebrows. She said yes but advised me to only clean up the bottom and keep the shape. I grew up during a time when thin eyebrows were the trend.  I should have listened to my mom, but instead my eyebrows got thinner and thinner as I got older. I started off with overplucking to waxing, then years of getting them threaded. Finally when I was in my 20's, I wanted to let my brows grow in and go back to its natural shape but the lady threading them always took off more than I wanted.  Eventually I stopped going to anyone else and decided to just clean them up myself, only problem was that it wasn't really growing in as much at this point. I started to apply the castor oil to my eyebrows and voila! They finally started growing back in.

So here's how I apply castor to my eyebrows:

-Apply castor oil to a spoolie, then brush through your eyebrows. I brush them upward and in a downward motion, and then back up again.

-Massage and brush the areas that you're having trouble growing in for a bit longer. This seems to help stimulate the follicles and makes the hair grow in.

-Do this every night on your eyebrows before going to bed, consistency is key.

Try this out and let me know if it works for you. Share your own tips and tricks because I'd love to hear from you.


Cold Pressed Castor Oil here


  1. I love using castor oil, especially as an oil cleanse when mixed with jojoba oil and olive oil leaves my skin looking amazing :) great post xxx

    1. Thank you! I'll have to try that combo out on my skin sometime, I'm sure it feels as amazing as it looks. :)

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