Meditate to Elevate

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Hello there! Today I wanted to share an inner beauty treatment, one that is not just for your physical body but for your spirit. I'm excited to write about it in hopes that it will inspire you and ignite a spark within you to give it a try. I first started to meditate in 2008, I was really stressed out and felt
like there was so much chaos going on in my life at that time.
I was a full time college student, working, and trying to pay the rent for my apartment. I only got the apartment so that I can be near my school, the commute was too time consuming. On top of that, I was stressed out with trying to keep up with my class assignments, and I was feeling confused about what direction I was trying to go into with my career. I started to meditate thinking that it would take me away from all the chaos, then a monk I met corrected me saying "to be settled within yourself despite the chaos around you." That stuck with me! After the first few months of meditating, I started to notice some changes. I was much more patient in situations that normally aggravated me. To be honest, I didn't know if I was being more patient or if I just got to the point where I just didn't give a care anymore. As the years have gone by, I've been through some intense guided meditations, some were beautiful and I felt blissful when I opened my eyes, then there were really difficult ones that I absolutely hated. I knew it was a process though. All the ugly stuff comes up through the meditations sometimes, but you need to face these negative thoughts to be able to cleanse yourself of it. With all the ups and downs in our everyday life, sometimes it's hard to stay positive and focused. We get caught up in everyday drama, get stressed out and become sick. Sometimes we get sicker when our emotions are really out of control, how we feel inside has an impact on our physical health. Unfortunately, our crazy, irrational, and out of control thoughts gets the best of us.

Meditation can truly transform your life for the better. We usually lose ourselves with all that goes on around us, we get so caught up with all the things we need to do, work, school, family, and so on. We're never really in the present moment, but that's what meditation can do for us, bring us into the now. Being in the now helps to reduce depression (worry about the past) and anxiety (worry about the future). It increases your compassion, love, and kindness. Meditating also helps to feel more peaceful, you become more mindful and aware, turning you into an observer. It lessens the amount of thoughts we have in our "monkey mind." With less irrational thoughts, our memory improves and we are able to focus better, and it can even help with addictions. Your ability to deal with challenges, fears and stress improves, your perception on situations and relationships with people change. Meditation not only improves your mental health, but your physical health as well such as increasing the immune system, improving brain function, reducing pain in the body, and lowering high blood pressure.

When you meditate, you're training your brain, or maybe I should say re-training your brain. The frequency in your brainwaves actually change. It's a practice that we need to include into our daily lives to be able to truly benefit from it. You can meditate and feel some immediate results, like feeling blissful and being able to focus, but if you really want to make life changes, it should be done daily. Recently I was having a really bad day, being so upset made me want to isolate myself from everyone. I had just pulled into work though, and I had to deal with lots of customers for the next eight hours. So even though I wasn't in the mood, I made myself meditate for a short time in my car. It really calmed me down and helped me to center myself before going into work.  Even if you are short on time and only meditate for ten minutes, it may turn into your favorite part of the day. Meditating is when you connect to yourself, or your higher-self. There's a saying that when you pray, you're talking to God, when you meditate, you're listening. Many people feel that during their meditations, they are connecting with a higher source. Meditation can give you clarity and answers to questions you may have, you just feel more balanced resulting in a happier, peaceful, and a compassionate human being.

There are so many different types of meditation techniques, some include chanting, dancing, laughing, screaming and so on. I like to try different kinds but I guess the ones that I do most are chakra meditations and focusing on my breath. If you're brand new to meditating, then I would suggest the "Mindfulness Meditation." The "Mindfulness Meditation" may make you feel like you're just sitting there and not doing much since you're focused on your breath, it is effective though. You can also look into meditation apps, YouTube videos, audio recordings, or try out meditation classes at a yoga studio. Find what you feel works best for you, you'll know because you'll feel it resonate within you. Not every meditation out there or every teacher may be the right one for you. Remember that it is a practice, we get better at whatever we are trying to do as we keep working at it. Most importantly, be loving and kind to yourself on your journey. Happy meditating!  :)

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  1. That's awesome! Thank you for your words! Reminds me I gotta meditate more :)