Correct & Conceal Dark Under Eye Circles

Hello my lovely readers! I'm so excited that it's finally fall! Even though we don't technically get a fall here in LA, like most of you I transition all my clothes and ESPECIALLY my makeup to fall/winter colors.

Lately, I've been super busy with trying to balance out work, time for my blog and well, everything else. Unfortunately, the lack of rest definitely shows in my physicality, especially around my eyes. It's crazy how this little area makes such a huge difference in your appearance. The skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate. It can make you look awake and youthful, or tired and old. However, getting a proper night's rest isn't the only cause for dark/puffy under eyes.

Here are a few other reasons for dark/puffy under eyes:

-Ageing: the skin under the eyes loses elasticity and will start to sag. With the skin being thin and losing fat, blood vessels and a blue hue from blood may become more visible.

-Allergies: causes puffiness and more prominent dark circles. When nasal passages are blocked, the blood vessels become dilated and more apparent. Similarly, the tiny blood vessels under the eyes become dark and more visible under the skin.

-High sodium intake/dehydration: Too much sodium causes your body to hold onto excess fluid to prevent dehydration. Not drinking enough water causes the same imbalance resulting in puffiness.

-Eczema: Post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

-Genetics: Unfortunately, dark circles are hereditary.

-Various health issues: If it seems to be a serious issue, get checked out by a physician..

There are some things you can do to reduce the puffiness/dark under eyes depending on why you have it.

  • Getting more sleep 
  • Eating healthier and decreasing your salt intake 
  • Elevate your head with your pillow when you go to sleep
  • Applying cucumbers, green tea bags, cold compress to your eyes
  • Using an eye cream
  • Splash cold water on your face in the morning to reduce puffiness
  • Apply turmeric paste under the eyes 
  • Applying almond oil helps reduce hyper-pigmentation

How to cover darkness near the eyes using orange corrector/concealer:

-Start off by using eye cream.  I started using eye cream a few months ago and absolutely love it! This is a step that many of us overlook but it makes a big difference. Using an eye cream hydrates the area around your eyes making them less puffy, the lines less visible, and more youthful. Currently I'm using Bobbi Brown
Wait at least five to ten minutes before applying any makeup.

-My personal preference is to do my eye makeup first and then the rest of my face. I skip applying any eye makeup under my eyes until the end.

I totally look like a dork!

-Start off with an orange colored corrector/concealer. If you've ever looked at a color wheel, you'll see that on the opposite side of orange is blue. When you apply the orange color over the blueish tones, it cancels out the blue and neutralizes the color.

-Apply the corrector to the the area around the eyes that have darker tones. Don't forget the part near the inner corner of the eyes, around the tear duck area (side of the nose). You can apply the corrector on the eyelids as well if you need to. I usually don't apply it to my lids since it gets covered with my eye makeup anyway. For lighter skin tones, I would suggest a color that is more of a salmon color instead of orange. For medium or darker tones, look for colors that are more in a peach to orange shade range.
I'm using L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD corrector

-Pat on the corrector using a brush or your ring finger on the areas that need it. The heat from your fingers warms the product and applies smoother on the skin. However, you can also use a brush. You do not need a ton of corrector, I see a a lot of ladies on YouTube applying a heavy amount of this rich orange corrector and then covering it up with a full coverage foundation or concealer. This defeats the whole purpose of actually correcting the problem, you're suppose to cancel out/neutralize the dark or dull area. The worst part is when you can still see the orange peeping through the makeup that was put over it. Not cute!

-Next, apply your foundation. Personally, I don't like a lot of makeup under my eyes so I skip foundation and go straight to concealer. But, if you feel that you need the coverage then go ahead.

Here I'm using NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
-This is my favorite part! Apply your concealer under your eyes and the nose/inner eye area. Use a concealer that's slightly lighter than your skin tone for a highlighting effect. Like magic, right?

-Pat the concealer on using either your ring finger, beauty blender, or a brush. Be gentle and make sure you're not swiping the color away and out of place. Dab, dab, dab!

I decided to highlight the rest of my face
Blend away
-Double check to see that it looks nice and smooth before the next step. Be sure that the concealer isn't sitting in the creases under your eyes.

"I'm sexy and I know it"

-Apply a powder to set the concealer in place. I like to use either a loose translucent powder or a brightening powder. You can also use a powder that matches your skin color for more coverage, or a SLIGHTLY lighter one for the highlighting effect. I decided to let it "bake" for a few minutes, I usually only do this technique when I'm going somewhere fancy. 
Baking with Ben Nye Banana powder
Swiping the powder away
- This is optional but I like to spray a water mist (like MAC Fix+) on my face after setting the concealer with powder, this helps to make it a bit more dewy and more like my skin. This can also be done after your whole makeup look is completed.

- Finish off the rest of your makeup however you'd like and VOILA! You're done!

Dark Fall Makeup
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NYX Dark Circle Concealer - Medium (good for circles that aren't that bad)
L.A.Girl Pro Conceal HD -#990 Orange (I like this one for really dark circles)
Real Techniques Brush (comes in a set)
Ben Nye Banana Powder
Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer- Ginger
Beauty Blender


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