Declutter your mind and get back on track!

Hello there! I hope you had a nice, relaxing weekend. This past week has been crazy! I had a lot going on and I started to feel overwhelmed. There was so much on my mind, things that needed to get done, problems that needed to be solved, deadlines that needed to be met. It's difficult to get anything
done when you're not able to focus, your mind feels like its all over the place. You start to feel stressed, and it can even affect your physical health. Throughout the years I've learned that it's okay to feel down, but it's important to know how to pick yourself back up. Here's a list of different ways that have helped ease my mind, gain clarity, and get back on track.

Just breathe: Try to relax and take deep, slow breaths, or even better, meditate. Sometimes I just zone out, no music or anything. I simply sit in silence. We always have so much noise that it becomes important to shut it all off and have some quite time to yourself.

Get it out of your head and onto paper: Writing is a great tool to get the mental clutter out of your head. There are times when I don't know where to start so I just write freely. Try allowing yourself to "word vomit," meaning you don't need to censor or edit yourself. Just let go and write anything and everything that's cluttering your space. You can also keep a journal. Writing is also therapeutic and will help release the madness taking over your mind.

Organize: After you get it all out into writing, it's time to tidy up! Start organizing. Write a to do list, create a mind map for your goals, and mark your calendar for events and deadlines.

Mind Mapping

Short list your priorities: Take your "to do" list and mark the ones that need to be taken care of today and in which order. Focus on the steps you need to take to do it.

Break it down: Focus on one task at a time.

Take a break: Go for a walk, take your pet with you if you have one and spend time playing with them. Get out into nature, relax on the beach, or go for a hike if that's something you enjoy. Read a book, do something fun and creative. Sometimes we just need a little time to get out of our head.

Playtime with Romeo

Tidy your space: When your mind feels cluttered, the physical clutter around you can make it worse. It helps to put things away, organize, and get rid of junk. You can also do a little redecorating, this will also shift the energy in the room.

Listen to music/dance: Just put on a great song or playlist and dance it out, or sing if that's something you like. As long as it's music that puts you in a good mood, just lose yourself in it for a while. Then come back to what you need to do.

Workout/Yoga: Break a sweat! Release physical tension that may be building up in your body. You'll also release endorphins so you'll feel better.

Phone a friend/family member: Talk to someone you trust and is willing to listen to you vent. Every now and then we just have to let off some steam and need someone to tell us "you got this!"

Discipline/Routine/Plan ahead: When you've got a lot going on, it can be helpful to have a routine with a certain task that you do daily. One of my friends is really busy with work all week, so he meal preps. He cooks his meals on Sunday night for the rest of his week. I'll tell you, he always brings a great meal to work and he eats right. So plan ahead. Figure out the tasks that need to be done and discipline yourself to do it, make it part of your lifestyle. I know discipline is a word that may make you cringe and feel boxed up, but it can actually help you to accomplish what it is that you want to get done.

Awareness: We can't monitor every single thing that's happening around us all the time, but it's important to be aware of our space. You may feel drained by your surroundings and not even realize that certain people/situations are making an impact on you and the way you feel. It can even be something that you're hearing a lot about in social media/news.

Laughter: I try not to watch a lot of T.V. or get too caught up in social networking when I've got important things to take care of, BUT laughter definitely will pull you out of that funk and give you an energy boost. So watch a funny movie, show, or anything that will make you laugh and lift your spirit.

Stop worrying and focus on doing: Worrying is unnecessary stress. I know it's difficult not to worry, but try to shift your energy into a way to resolve the issue instead.

Celebrate your accomplishments: We tend to focus on the big goal, our dream. We get caught up in the idea that we will be happy once we accomplish it, so we're constantly in a place where we've got another mountain to climb. Trying to figure out what our next move is and how we can get there, and then the next move, and so on. We HAVE to look at our path from a place of "look how far I've come" instead of "how much further do I have to go?" Celebrate all the small things that you learn/accomplish along the way. Embrace your journey and your growth.

Thanks for reading! I hope that you find this helpful. Let me know in the comment section below if you have any of your own tips to declutter your mind. Don't forget to follow my blog/connect with me through my social networks. I love hearing back from you guys. <3



  1. your dog is so cute !! :)
    great post too.

  2. I have just came across your blog and I LOVE it! I think it's really important to reward ourselves after any accomplishment (big or small). I think sometimes it's really important to step back and relax in order to refresh your mind and ideas :)
    Ramsha | Rose

    1. Thank you so much for your kind and sincere words! <3