Beauty Products I Can't Leave Home Without

Whether I'm glammed up and ready to go out or just running errands without any makeup on, there are some beauty products that I just have to keep in my purse. Now and then I might take a few other beauty products with me, but these are the things that I always seem to reach for in my bag.

Lip balm: I think I'm a little obsessed, but I always have to have my lips moisturized. I can't stand my lips feeling dry. It bothers me when other people need it too, I just want to offer them some but I don't share. I like to keep one in my purse and another one in my night stand. Whether I'm wearing any lipstick or not, I will always apply lip balm.

Eyelash curler: Having your eyelashes curled will make you look more awake. Sometimes, when I skip out on wearing any makeup, I just curl my lashes and I'm good to go.

Lipliner/Lipstick/Lipgloss: These are the last products I apply when I'm getting ready. So, I like to keep one or two in my bag just in case I'm running late. If I'm going somewhere fancy, I like to make sure I take the color I want with me so I can to reapply after I eat. My go-to colors that I always keep with me are nudes or a nude pink, I can pretty much pull these off with whatever I'm wearing.

Hand cream: I wash my hands a lot! So, I always keep some cream with me. Usually, I try to keep one that can be used on other parts of the body, not just for your hands. If I have an area on my face that's dry (like from acne cream or winter time) I apply it on that spot as the day goes by. Lately, I've been loving the Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty. I really like that it hydrates my skin without feeling greasy, this has saved my dry hands this winter.

Oil blotting sheets: Instead of applying powder on top of my skin when it's oily, I prefer the blotting sheets. If I was going to apply powder, I'd still blot down the oil first then the powder.
Tip: If you're ever in a public restroom and don't have any oil blotting sheets, toilet seat covers will work too!

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Pictured Products:

NYX Butter Gloss- Eclair
First Aid Beauty- Ultra Repair Cream
Fresh- Sugar Rose Lip Treatment
e.l.f.- Shine Eraser (blotting sheets)
Jordana Lipliner- Baby Berry
Vaseline Lip Therapy- Cocoa Butter
Wet N Wild Lipstick- Spiked with Rum
Shu Uemura- Eyelash Curler
Rebecca Minkoff- Avery Crossbody (black/light gold) 



  1. nice products :)

    1. Glad you like them! :) Thanks for reading.

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