How to Spend Time On Your Own & Love It!!

As I get older wiser, I've grown to be more self-reliant and comfortable doing different activities on my own. I definitely wanted my friends around at first, but quickly realized the importance of depending and learning to take care of myself. Some people are not comfortable being alone, or
going to certain places without someone to accompany them. I use to feel this way when I was younger, which is the main reason that I decided that I needed to step outside of my comfort zone. By spending more time on my own, I've become a lot more confident and courageous. I've also become more of a go-getter, procrastinate less on what I want in my life, and have started to become my own bestie. I'm usually really hard on myself, but have started being kinder and talking to myself as a friend would.

Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the company of my family and friends and you can do all these activities with them. However, learning to be comfortable alone and actually enjoying it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Here are some fun things that I've enjoyed doing on my own:

-Coffee for one: Take yourself out for coffee, sit at the shop and sip your drink. Sometimes it's the simple moments that are the most enjoyable. You can read a good book, people watch, or just listen to music. You can even check out one of those coffee shops that have bands that come in and play on certain nights.

-Watch a movie: Catch a matinee at the theater or watch a movie at home with no one else around. Okay, so there's always those moments where you want to look over at your friend because of a scene that was hilarious, I love sharing that moment where you connect. BUT it's also fun watching movies alone and laughing out loud till my stomach hurts, or balling my eyes out like a baby and not feeling silly since no one will see me anyway.

-Shopping: I used to really dislike going shopping by myself, especially when I'm buying clothes. It's fun to shop with friends and get their opinion (ahem.. approval) of something you're trying on. However, there have been times when I didn't have a shopping buddy and although I enjoy the company, I no longer mind going alone. Besides, I can go to whatever store I want and buy whatever I like with my own approval.

-Go to a concert/show: This actually happened by mistake because I lost the people I was with. The concert I went to was free and you could sit wherever you want. I was a teenager and of course we didn't have cell phones at that time. So, I made some random friends with some people in line, made some more friends near the seats I chose and enjoyed the band that was playing. Yes, I was bummed that I lost my fam, but I still had a blast watching the band play! I eventually found my family in the crowd at the end of the night.

-Be Bold: Get that hair cut you've been eyeing, or get that piercing you've been thinking about. Get that rush from being daring enough to do it.

-Walk: Take a nice long walk, enjoy the scenery, the smell of the flowers, or the breeze from the ocean if you're near the beach. Wherever you go, slow down and be in the moment. We're usually moving at a fast pace that we miss the beauty of the world that is right in front of us. Appreciate it.

-Take a class: Maybe you've been wanting to take a class in photography, art, or martial arts. You never know, you might fall in love with your new hobby, or even start a business. You don't need a study buddy, so go for it, this is for you!

Go on a trip: Take a road trip to another state, or go backpacking in another country. Explore places you've never been to, try delicious food/desserts you haven't tried.

-Have a spa day: Who doesn't love a nice relaxing day at the spa, nothing like getting pampered and detoxing your body. Even when my sisters and I go together, we end up splitting up and doing our own thing. I'll go sit in the steam room while my other sis is in the sauna, and the other chilling by the pool. You don't always need to have someone with you, do what makes you feel good. This is such a great way to relax and have some "me" time.

-Stargaze: I've always been fascinated with space, even as a kid I loved staring up at the stars in awe. It's so beautiful when you're in an area without a lot of light pollution and the night sky is filled with stars. I can't help but stare, and sometimes I'll get lucky and catch a falling star.

-Museum: Explore a museum. Choose a museum that sparks an interest in you, then go and discover all amazing things you didn't know about it. I enjoy the details the most, like the craftsmanship of an ancient artifact or the brushstrokes of a painting. You can even take a tour, learning the backstory is usually quite intriguing and makes you enjoy the museum more.

-Dinner: Take yourself out for a nice dinner, or make yourself a nice fancy dinner for one. Cook something new that you've been wanting to try, buy all the ingredients and maybe a nice bottle of wine. Put on some music and put your chef skills to work, or make your favorite dish that you've been craving lately. Plus you get to make it exactly how you like it.

-Library/bookstore: Okay so I guess I'm a bit of bookworm, but I spent a lot of time in the library as a kid. I'm going to sound like a nerd but there's so much to learn, and so many great stories. (I feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast right now) I'm definitely old school when it comes to books, I just love going down the isles and finding something new and exciting. Especially when it's a topic that you don't really know anything about.

-Binge watch a show: Yes, I'm going from "bookworm" to "couch potato." It's all about balance, haha! Take a day to binge watch that show that you keep hearing about. If it's that great, you'll be hooked from the first episode. Just know that you may end up wanting to watch every single season.

Thanks for reading! I hope you feel inspired to try some of these out. Don't forget to follow my blog. You can also connect with me by commenting below or follow me on IG/Twitter. 


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