Confessions: My Worst Beauty Mistakes

Hello Spring time! As I sit here enjoying the April showers,  I began reminiscing about when I first started teaching myself how to do my hair and makeup as a teenager. All I had at that time were magazines to copy the looks from, or by pausing a video tape of the celebrity who's look I was trying
to recreate. There are many beauty tips, tricks, and trends I had to learn on my own that's being taught on YouTube today, but there were also many crazy beauty experiments that I went through that taught me what NOT to do. So I thought it would be fun to share some crazy beauty "war stories" from my past.

Ironing my hair with an actual iron: Okay, so it's embarrassing to admit it but I really did this. This was before straightening irons became really popular and they'd sell them in the mall for $100. I had crazy thick hair back then and straightening with a blow dryer took hours, so I started getting my curls super straight by using an heavy iron that was made for clothes. Yes, I was that girl! I actually had my head on the iron table ironing my hair like it was a T-shirt. What was I thinking?! Ugh, the damage.

Over plucking my eyebrows: I know some people prefer thick eyebrows and others like to shape theirs thinner. I like my brows on the fuller/more natural side, it looks more youthful and suits my face better. Back in the day though, there was a point where my eyebrows were so on point, like literally pointy. They were thin like a string, BUT at least they were shaped exactly the same. Now don't get me wrong, some people can pull off having super thin eyebrows, but this look definitely was not for me. Eyebrows can really change your look and it made me look like something was missing on my face.

Wanting my brows shaped like a certain celebrity's: I always admired the beauty of many celebrities, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. However, that does not mean that someone else's eyebrow shape would look right on my face. Of course it took a lot of trial and error to figure out that I need to work with my own brow shape and what works best on my face.

Wearing foundation that was way too light for my skin: I've ruined many pictures from this makeup no-no, I looked absolutely ridiculous with my tan skin and extra light foundation. This was also when I only bought drug store makeup and had a harder time finding what color matched my skin tone. Today you can take it back at most stores without a hassle, but back then I was stuck with what I bought and tried to make it work. Unfortunately, it didn't!

Waxing my hairline: I know that there are many people who get their hair line lasered to correct a crooked hairline, or just change it to their liking. My story is different though, one day while waxing some hairy body part, my older sister said that I didn't have a forehead (Thanks Jiji). Then decided that she'd give me a forehead and waxed my hair line an inch back, no joke. It hurt so much! The worst part was when the hair was growing back, it looked terrible. Can you imagine!? I was suddenly insecure about something I never even had a problem with. It was really unnecessary, NEVER AGAIN.

"Over the top" over lining your lips: I don't know why people are acting like over lining your lips is a new thing, it's one of the oldest makeup tricks. Not just to make lips look fuller, you can change the shape of your lips, or your cupids bow if you want. It's fun to play with makeup and try different looks. I've always played with the shape of my cupids bow since mine isn't super defined. Where did I go wrong? When I was first learning about makeup, about half my life ago, and I wanted fuller lips like a celebrity I admired. I over-lined way past just the outside of my lips. My bestie straight up laughed in my face, but I guess that's what happens when you look like a clown.

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