Appreciating the Simple Things

Many of us live our daily lives on a routine, so most of the little things that bring us happiness gets taken for granted. It's only when an extra special event occurs that we celebrate and appreciate that moment, but what about the little things that happen every single day that makes us smile?
These are the moments that make up our day to day lives and it's important that they aren't overshadowed by the big events. Perhaps the appreciation for the simple things starts to depreciate as we grow up, maybe that's why so many people are looking for happiness like it's a destination. If that's the case, when will you be happy? When you take that vacation to Fiji? I'm sure that trip will be amazing, but what about the rest of your life? Lately I've been taking the time to slow down and pay more attention to my life, the people in it, and what brings me joy. I started noticing all the little things that puts a smile on my face every single day, so I sat down and wrote out a list of some of these moments. Pinpointing out the simple things actually brought more awareness to when they're actually happening, which in turn has made me more mindful to what brings me happiness. So here's to appreciating the simple things that happen on a regular ol' day!

21 Simple things that make me happy:

1. Waking up to furbaby cuddles and kisses
2. Natural daylight brightening up the room
3. Opening up the windows and letting in the fresh breeze
4. The sparrows chirping while they play in the garden/the hummingbird that visits my window
5. Mom's delicious chai
6. Lighting candles and incenses
7. Singing a song you love while driving (even better with friends)
8. Small talk and laughter with a stranger
9. Receiving sincere compliments and making someone smile by giving them one
10. Funny shows, movies, video clips, and memes
11. Seeing my dog happy and excited
12. Hitting that "Publish" button to post
13. Silly text messages from my siblings/friends
14. Phone calls from friends just to say hi (guess I'm old school like that)
15. Mint and chip or coconut ice cream..Yum!
16. Grabbing a bite to eat and chat with a friend
17. Handwritten notes left for you
18. Extra caramel in my frappaccino
19. Reading an inspiring quote
20. Warm relaxing showers to wind down from the day
21. The midnight silence before falling asleep

I hope that this inspires you to take notice of the simple things that make your heart smile on a day to day basis and brings you joy as it does for me. Connect with me through IG, Twitter, or by leaving a comment. Don't forget to follow my blog to stay up to date with each post. :)  


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