Stop Procrastinating & Get Stuff Done

Procrastination has been one of my worst habits for many years and one of the hardest for me to change. Personally I have found that I procrastinate on doing the things that I either find difficult, have a fear it won't be good enough, or tell myself that theres plenty
of time. Worse than procrastinating on projects that have a deadline are the personal goals that DON'T have deadlines, which means that you have the freedom to get around to doing it whenever you like, stress-free, no pressure, work at your own pace..sounds great right? WRONG! No deadlines for procrastinators like me means that you may never get around to working on that project or knocking out those personal goals, it will forever be on your "To Do" list. 

I had to take a good look at my priorities and either delete those goals altogether, or if it actually has some importance then it's time to move forward in taking the steps to making it happen. It took some time figuring out what works for me but it was worth the effort and of course I had to share. So here's my tips on how I stop myself from procrastinating and get shit stuff done.

10 Tips to Stop Procrastinating

1. Get into a routine: Start changing your habits by creating a new schedule/routine that can help you to reach your goals and get your projects done. It helps to set an earlier time or day than the actual time that it's due, so tell yourself it needs to be finished the day before, or that you need to be ready by 6:30 instead of 7. Also, take a look at your "To Do" list and mark which task are urgent and needs to be taken care of that day, and which task are important but not as urgent. Creating categories will help to stay organized and keep you focused on your priorities.

2. Focus on the upside: Sometimes it's hard to stay motivated and you really have to push yourself. Think about what is it that motivates you? What's the positive side to getting things done from your "to do" list. I like to think about the results and the way I will feel when I've accomplished them, especially with my personal goals. To me it feels empowering!

3. Eat healthy: You'll be able to be more productive when you eat food that will fuel you with more energy. Eating junk or really heavy food will only make you feel sluggish and sleepy. What works best for me is to make sure to include food that will give me an energy boost to keep me going throughout the day, even if it's just a snack like almonds, yogurt, fruits, or a smoothie.

4. Work in a space that makes you feel good: Of course this will be different for everyone depending on what you're working on. For me, when I'm working at my desk I like it to be free of clutter otherwise I feel scatter-brained, I also like to have some pretty flowers and pictures of my family. If I'm working out, I'll make sure I'm comfortable in what I'm wearing and that I have a great playlist to keep me hyped up. The little things can make a difference in the way you feel.

5. Take care of yourself: You have to take care of yourself and keep your spirit up. I go through days where I feel down, have low self-esteem, feel like a failure and I just don't want to do anything. Those are definitely my most unproductive days. It helps to work out, eat healthy, watch motivational videos, enjoy coffee with a friend, or just take some time to relax. We all have our harder days, just make sure to pick yourself up and get back on track when you're ready.

6. Don't over think it!  Over-thinking will only create more resistance, you'll get stressed out and feel drained as you build more negative feelings about the task you're avoiding. Acknowledge what needs to get done and then figure out the necessary steps to make it happen. Don't focus so much on the task, but more on how to accomplish it.

7. Break down big projects: It will feel easier to get things done when you don't see it as such a huge, daunting project. Break it down into smaller sections or goals, then focus on getting each part done one at a time. This will help you to feel less stressed and overwhelmed since it won't feel like such a big "mountain to climb."

8. Clear distractions: It's very easy to lose focus, especially if you're working on something that you really don't want to. I always have to set my phone aside otherwise I will naturally (out of habit) pick it up and start checking my social media. I have a family member who deleted their social media apps off of their phone so they won't check it throughout the day, so remove what easily distracts you. It takes practice to stay focused and it will help to work in a space where you can concentrate on what you're doing.

9. Set your own deadline: If its a personal goal that you're working on then it's imperative to create a deadline for yourself.  This will put a little bit of pressure to get you to work on it, as opposed to knowing you've got all the time in the word. With the mindset of being able to get to it whenever you'd like, you'll never get it done because it won't ever be a priority.

10. Just start! It may sound strange but getting started can be an obstacle in itself. We create bigger obstacles in our mind with our excuses for avoiding the task, like all the reasons we can't do it just yet. I've really been working on changing my mindset, I tell myself that it isn't as complicated as I have made it out to be. Changing my mindset has actually been one of the most powerful steps I've taken, really pay attention to what you tell yourself and use words that make you feel empowered.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps you to accomplish the things you've been procrastinating on. Don't forget to follow by email or Bloglovin. You can connect with me by leaving a comment below or meet me Instagram/Twitter.  :)


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