Planning my Goals for 2017

Hellooo everyone!!! With this being my very first post of the year, I want to wish you all a very happy 2017. I love that the beginning of a New Year feels like a fresh start, for many of us that means having a resolution of how they can make their life better or things they'd like to knock off on their bucket list.
I started my January kind of slow this year, I guess I just took my time to think a lot of things through instead of rushing to try to make life happen. So, I decided to take a different, yet simple, approach when it came to planning out my goals. Sometimes keeping it simple seems to work out for the best. So let's get into it..

It's so important to get your ideas and thoughts out of your head and onto paper, not only will this help to declutter your mind but you'll also feel more at ease. I like to keep a notebook to write out all my dreams, goals, ideas, mind maps and pretty much any notes that I feel are necessary to jot down, almost like a bullet journal.

-Categorize: What are the different areas of your life that you'd like to work on, such as health, work, love life, family, etc.

-Specify: Under each category write out specifically what you would like to accomplish in that area of your life.

-How: What are the steps that you need to take each day to get you closer to achieving your goal?

-Why? Explain the reason you would like to reach that goal and how it would feel to have that in your life. Reminding yourself why you want to accomplish something and imagining how it would feel will help to keep you motivated.

Keep a daily planner: 
Having a daily planner will help you to organize and put your plans into action. Being able to keep track of all your upcoming events is essential, however, focusing on your daily "things to do" list is what really helps to bring you closer to what you'd like to achieve. If you're able to stay organized you'll be able to keep track of what you did, what still needs to get done, and the steps you need to take to do it. You'll also see what you keep procrastinating on and get a good idea of what you're doing that's helping you to move forward. Sometimes it can feel like a disappointment when you realize some of your efforts are fruitless, but if you're able to recognize what isn't working then you can re-evaluate and twerk tweak your plan of action.

-Week at a glance: Before the beginning of the week, take a look at your schedule to prepare for what lies ahead. For me, this helps to be mentally prepared and to also to think about any actions I need to take before that day. So, say I have an important meeting that week or a special event, then I would start thinking about what I'm going to wear, if I need to buy someone a birthday gift, or make sure my proposal is ready to go for my meeting. These are the task that would go on my list of "things to do" for that week.

-Daily list: When it comes to my "things to do" list, I write out everything that needs to get done the night before and then categorize it by importance. Label each task by it's priority (1st priority, 2nd, and 3rd) that way you can be sure to knock out what absolutely has to get done. I actually like to categorize my list by using different colors, I find it more visually appealing and have noticed that I will pay more attention to it than when it's plain..but that's just me.

Check in on the goals you've written in your journal at least once a week. I like doing this as a reminder of what I'm working on accomplishing even though I know what I want, reading it back is like clarity for my mind. Also, checking in with yourself will help you to take note of your progress and whether you're moving forward or not, and if you need to make some adjustments to your plans. We are constantly changing and growing, so stay flexible with your never know where life may take you, it may be even better than what you imagined!  :)

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps to get you organized and motivated. Happy 2017!!! 


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