15 Ways to Find Your Personal Fashion Style

Let me start off by saying, I was not always into fashion. Growing up, it was my younger sister, Annie, who was changing her outfit 10 times a day but often times we'd wear the same exact outfit because my Mom would sew a lot of our clothes..
it's no wonder that Annie graduated from a fashion school. Actually, I remember my older sister, Rita, always dressing really cute too when she was in high school, I'm ten years younger than her so I didn't try to dress like her but I always admired her keen fashion sense with her big hair, big earrings, and fringe jackets. I guess they got it from my Mama who was a total hottie with her high waisted bell bottoms, super cute dresses, and of course her gorgeous curly hair. Now don't get me wrong, I liked dressing up and all, but I was more into my singing and dancing activities. It wasn't until I got into college and worked in a popular clothing store that I started to learn more about what I really liked and felt the most comfortable in, and by comfort I mean what felt like 'me' and really reflected my personality. That's when I really started to enjoy fashion, when I realized how it made a difference in the way I felt, how it can really boost your confidence and bring out the best version of yourself. But where to start? How do you find your style? Well, girl (or guy) I got your back. Here are my sure-fire ways to help you find your personal fashion style!

1. Pinterest: There are lots of different social media platforms nowadays but Pinterest is definitely my favorite when it comes to finding inspiration and ideas for outfits. So, where do you start if you have no idea what to look up? Start with general terms, like "Spring fashion" or even something like.. "how to style a white T-shirt"  and once you start finding styles you like, it will lead you to find more outfits that are similar.

2. Your Favorites: Whats your favorite clothing item to wear, or even a piece of jewelry (accessories) to wear that makes you feel good? I always like to have those items at hand so I can grab them whenever they match my outfit, and some items go with everything..like a favorite ring or necklace.

3. Celebs with similar body type: Now if you're unsure about what may look good on your body, try looking up people with a similar body type to your own. Try to pick someone with a killer fashion sense that's also to your liking. Check out how they rock different outfits and what looks flattering on them, it just might work for you.

4. What colors look best on you: There have been times when I think a shirt is really nice but then I try it on it looks awful on me, not because of the fit though, the color just didn't look right with my skin tone. Pay attention to what colors look flattering on your skin tone and stay away from anything that makes you look washed out. Even a simple shirt can look great just because the color looks fab on you.

5. Play up your assets: We all have our insecurities, but what do you like about your body? Maybe you like your legs, or you've got great shoulders/chest (talking to the guys to too, remember :) Many people get caught up with what they don't like about their body, but shift your focus to your best assets instead and learn to work it.

6. Screenshot:  Whenever I'm scrolling through Instagram and I come across an outfit that I really like, I'll take a screenshot on my phone. That way I can keep it in mind when shopping or pulling out clothes from my closet. This kind of goes hand in hand with posting on pinterest, but having pics on my phone is like placing something on top of my desk instead of inside where I might forget about it.

7. Social Media: Speaking of Instagram, follow fashion bloggers who dress the way you like.. you can use Tumblr, Insta, Pinterest, even Youtube. Search for lookbooks or OOTD (outfit of the day/night/ week) on YouTube, some of these vloggers make videos that'll leave you inspired with ideas. When you start searching you'll not only notice what you like but also what you don't like, which is just as important to pay attention to.

8. Analyze your style: Once you start to get a good idea of what you like, analyze what is coming together. For example, I've noticed that I wear a lot of neutral colors, that doesn't mean that everything I have fits in that color pallet, just that I'm attracted to those colors the most. You can also label your style, maybe you'll realize you lean towards a sort of hippie-ish vibe, but you also like dressing classy like a boss.

9. The whole look: When you're trying to put together an outfit while your shopping or getting ready,  you have to think about the whole look. What skirt you can wear with that top, your hair, shoes, and of course how you're going to wear your makeup. This is all part of the overall look and all the pieces should come together like a puzzle and compliment one another, and of course make you look dazzling.

10. Needs: If you're just starting off with finding your style but you're on a tight budget, think about what you need and stick with that. Buy what you're going to actually wear, such as the basics! I can't tell you how many times I've purchased an expensive shirt that I could only wear for a special occasion, it's not a bad thing but it doesn't make sense to do that when you need clothes for everyday wear.

11. Accessories: Adding a purse, cute shoes, a necklace or earrings can totally play up an outfit, especially when you're wearing something simple. Don't ever underestimate the power of accessories, but don't over-do it either. Some days I'll throw on jeans, t-shirt, jacket, and boots..add a nice purse, some big earrings or maybe a statement necklace, suddenly my outfit goes from simple to dressy.

12. Signature piece: This is something that you absolutely love and wear it on the daily. Usually a piece of jewelry, like a necklace or ring but obviously something that makes you happy.

13. Go-to outfits: Have a few go-to outfits for whenever you need to get ready quickly. These are outfits that you already know look great and don't have to figure out what pieces to put together, so if you're in a rush or just don't feel like figuring out what to wear then you can always rely on your go-to outfits. The best part is that the outfits look like you took time getting ready, but really you just threw it together already knowing it looks good. You can always play with it too, like change up your accessories.. a different scarf or earrings. Having a go-to outfit is definitely a time saver.

14. Be you: Your style should reflect you personality, or even your mood that day. Sometimes I feel like dressing super girly and cute, other days I feel fierce and may go for a bolder look. Just because you find a signature style, does not mean you have to dress that way all the time. Fashion is suppose to be fun, so play with it.

15. Don't be afraid to make changes: Fashion is always changing and you may find your style changing every now and then as well. Every few months I go through my clothes and donate anything that I no longer wear and that is still in good condition to shelters. Knowing that my clothes and other useful items will be used by people who need them makes me happy, and keeps me from hoarding things that I don't need to keep. Plus, you've got to clear out the old to make room for the new.


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