8 Bad Habits to Change for the Better

Since I've been in the process of making a lot of positive changes in my life, I've finally faced some bad habits that have been dragging me down for many years. It's definitely uncomfortable making changes from what you're used to and creating new patterns, but being consistent and envisioning the lifestyle I want keeps me motivated. I actually didn't realize how much
these negative routines had an impact on my life until I started living/thinking differently, I decided to share knowing there are other people who may be able to relate, so here are eight bad habits that I'm changing for the better.

1. Don't throw yourself a pity party when life gets you down. I'm not saying not to feel those angry or sad emotions when you're upset, allow yourself to go through it but don't stay there and keep whining and complaining "poor me." Get back up and keep going!

2. Get out of bed when you're awake instead of lying there thinking about how much you want to sleep in.  (okay, so I may make some exceptions..like a lazy Sunday) But otherwise, it's time to get up and get stuff done!

3. Don't ever bash yourself even if you're feeling down. I tell myself that it's a phase and I know I'll feel differently later, then let the feeling fade away. Interestingly, it's been working and I feel better that I was able to overcome those passing negative thoughts rather than to dwell on it during those times that I'm down.

4. Be mindful of the words you use, especially when you're angry at a loved one. I never feel good after saying anything mean to family or friends when there's an argument. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit sassy and have some proud moments when I've come up with a witty comeback to a jerk, but I regret saying damaging words in the heat of the moment to the people I love. It's better to calm down and explain my point of view at a later time IF that disagreement even matters anymore, otherwise let it go.

5. Don't let other people's negative energy bring you down. Like the old saying goes "misery loves company," and pessimistic people can affect you without you even realizing it. In fact, some people don't even realize they are constantly seeing the worst of every situation. I've made the mistake of trying to change those types of people in my life to being more optimistic, it usually ended up dragging me down instead. So, although I try be encouraging, sometimes it's just better to try to block them out and focus on myself.

6. Don't make excuses, find a way to get it done. Okay, so this is definitely easier said than done, but I've decided that I will not get caught up in the obstacle that is stopping me from moving forward. When we run into situations where we feel stuck, it's easiest to feel down and act like a victim who's trapped. From now on I'm shifting my attention from the problem to focusing on finding a solution to keep me moving forward.

7. Don't eat junk food or a heavy meals and then go to bed. Since I've always been a night owl, I would eat really late dinners, or even stay up munching away at 3 a.m. Our body is suppose to heal itself and restore our energy while we sleep, but it's using up energy on processing the food that I ate before going to bed. I'd wake up feeling drained in the morning instead of refreshed, but I no longer feel exhausted in the morning since I've made this change.

8. Don't compare yourself to other people. Maybe it's natural to compare ourself to others, whether it's by looks, materials, or even our job/careers. There are healthy ways to compare yourself, like if it makes you motivated to do better, but not when you start to devalue your self-worth. Constantly comparing yourself to others can be debilitating, there's a quote that says "A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms," by Zen Shin. I love this quote, it reminds me that I am unique and that we are all beautiful and valuable in our  our own way. You're on your own path and being yourself with take you far, be that person that you are/want to be, and most importantly.. appreciate what makes you who your are, your so called 'flaws" and all. Love yourself! <3



  1. Very guilty of doing #2 since I am not a morning person! Or I just continually hit the snooze button....

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. I'm totally not a morning person either, sometimes I'll set up a song I love and play it when I need to get up..that way I dance my way out of bed. :D